tisdag 21 maj 2013

Light my fire spork and Sea to Summit Alphalight.

Ill be doing this in English from now on. For two reasons.
Number one being that more people will be able to understand and thereby make use of whatever nonsense i decide to write about.
Number two is the fact that i figured, well cant exactly hurt my English vocabulary to write more or less longer texts every now and then.

Well here goes.

My first piece of cutlery for outdoor use was a spork. A light my fire spork. I used that for about 4-5 outings. Then i tried scraping off some peanut butter against a log. It broke. A nice little crack from the tip of the spoon and in a half circle down to the bottom of the spoon. I did not use excessive force for the whole scraping business, let me assure you. It was quite the gentle touch, as if the log was a new born baby. Not that i would scrape peanut butter on a baby of course. That would be rude.

Anywhooo... I did take a picture of the victim just after the incident, but im afraid i seem to have misplaced the photo. So you will just have to take my word for it.

Luckily i had just before this incident been given as a present, a FOLDABLE spork. So i just switched over to that one. For about 1 outing.

Then the folding-lock-mechanism gave up.

Close-up of the folding mechanism. With the plastic hook that locks the whole thing gone.
Wanna have some noodles?
I continued using the spork anyway, given its construction it only folds itself together when using the fork, not the spoon-end. But just to be clear it did make me just a itsy bitsy annoyed when trying to use the fork.

My last outing (after about 4 or so with the "fold-myself-together-during-your-meal-to-piss-you-off-spork") i said to myself: ENOUGH!

So i decided to get myself some new cutlery. And this time i decided to skip the plastic.

Sea to summit Alphlight (Fork 6g - Long spoon 12g according to StS)

These pieces of cutlery were not news to me, but they have been a little over the top price-wise for me. (About 60kr a piece, which is like $8). Compared to a spork that goes for around 20kr ($3).
As noted, enough is enough. So i went for it.

The weight "penalty" is a stunning 7 grams. So no it is not an issue, i am no madman.

First impression, they seem pretty rigid and yeah well. They sure are light weight for metal cutlery. Hopefully i wont regret the 120kr ($16).

Outdoor and out!

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