onsdag 23 april 2014

Gear addition Fire maple FMS-118

Today i finally received the shipment with the stove that i ordered about four weeks ago.
First impressions of the stove are good, it feels really rigid when set up, and folds up nicely for packing. 
I noticed that the tube which is rather stiff, made the stove slide around a lot when screwing on the canister. Although i suspect this is mainly because of two reasons, mainly the slidish surface of the kitchen bench. And second the height of the canister. Using a smaller 230g canister will propably give a little more playroom without it affecting the actual stove when playing with the canister.
Also, this will most likely prove to be not even a minor issue. But a none-issue. Since in real use there will be a "heavy" pot on top of the stove and there will be no screwing with the canister when the stove is lit and in use.
Fire Maple FMS-118 - 146g - Primus Powergas 450g (630g incl. canister weight)

lördag 5 april 2014

Vintertur solo i Jämtlandsfjällen.

Det är nu en vecka sedan jag kom tillbaka från jämtland där jag spenderade totalt fyra dagar på skidor. Det blev en mycket lärorik tur, på många olika sätt. Det var min första tur själv på vintern, och det var en del ny utrustning med.

Planen var att skida den klassiska jämtlandstriangeln. Mellan de tre fjällstationerna Storulvån, Sylarna & Blåhammarn.