onsdag 23 april 2014

Gear addition Fire maple FMS-118

Today i finally received the shipment with the stove that i ordered about four weeks ago.
First impressions of the stove are good, it feels really rigid when set up, and folds up nicely for packing. 
I noticed that the tube which is rather stiff, made the stove slide around a lot when screwing on the canister. Although i suspect this is mainly because of two reasons, mainly the slidish surface of the kitchen bench. And second the height of the canister. Using a smaller 230g canister will propably give a little more playroom without it affecting the actual stove when playing with the canister.
Also, this will most likely prove to be not even a minor issue. But a none-issue. Since in real use there will be a "heavy" pot on top of the stove and there will be no screwing with the canister when the stove is lit and in use.
Fire Maple FMS-118 - 146g - Primus Powergas 450g (630g incl. canister weight)

I testfired the stove and was very pleased with the look of the flames. It was very easy to get both a proper "hellfire" out of it but also to get the flame real low to allow for simmering. Much better than for example the Optimus Crux, which I think is really flimsy when it comes to the flame-control bit. The burner seemed to spread the flames quite well too, and i think it will work well with my wider 1L+ trangia pots even though its a small burner.

The main reason for buying this stove is really the preheater-part. So far ive been using a top-mounted stove (Primus Mimer) which have worked well overall. Although its a bit on the heavy side for non-winter use, and in the winter there is a very noticable drop in the effect of the stove. So hopefully this stove will prove to work better on future winter trips. Also, i like the added stability from a remote stove and with the close to the ground setup, better and easier to use a windscreen. Especially when using larger canisters like the one in the picture which puts the burner so far up from the ground one will need a massive windscreen to protect it. 

Only time will tell if this stove will fit my needs. But i am pretty sure it will.

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